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What Are GUITAR TUNERS, What Is Their Importance?
Guitar Tuners are vital for guitarists. Whether tuning by ear or using a pedal
or computer software, guitar tuning is necessary before one can maximize
performance of his or her instrument and perform at his/her best. Normally,
if you play your guitar on a daily basis, strings won't get out of tone. But if
your guitar is rarely used or is in bad condition or your playing is very hard,
then most likely you'll need to tune the guitar always. Tip: TUNE your guitar
EVERY TIME you pick it up.

For professional tuning, you MUST use an electronic guitar tuner. These devices
allow tuning pedals, little boxes, or rack mounted units. There are a number of
manufacturers of guitar tuners who are specialized in these sophisticated gadgets

Boss, a division of the Roland Corporation (big japanese company),
employs its proven technology in musical equipment and accessories
to develop sophisticated guitar tuners - known for their accuracy and superb
functionality. One of its renowned inventions is the TU - Series guitar tuners
technology, which incorporates tuning accuracy in a super convenient
stompbox design...ideal to take them into the guitar case everywhere.

Korg. The world's prefered guitar tuners started introducing excellent machines in 1999. It came out with the DT - 7 GUITAR/BASS chromatic tuner, the first guitar tuner to feature the Buzz Feiten Tuning System. The critically acclaimed DT-7 could be one of the most accurate guitar tuners in the market featuring an ultra wide tuning range. Later on, Korg introduced the flexible GT-12 GUITAR and BASS chromatic tuner and the OT-12 designed for Orchestra.

Other model made was the Korg GA - 30 Guitar and Bass Tuner, which features a pitch reference tone and quinta-flat tuning while maintaining functionality and useful tuning functions in their Ultra - Compact bodies.

The Korg CA - 30 Chromatic Guitar Tuner and the Korg TM - 40 Chromatic Tuner / Metronome; one guitar tuner with a metronome which can function simultaneously or independently, its large LCD - type needle delivers both the accuracy of an LCD and the excellent visibility of a needle indicator. It also has LED indicators that show pitch deviation or blink for indicating the tempo, thus, making the TM-40 a highly visual tool. The superb functionality and the highest accuracy have made Korg guitar tuners worldwide favorites.

String Master, another respected manufacturer. String Master produced the first motorized guitar tuners featured in Guitar One and Guitar Player Magazines. This guitar tuner is innovative, useful and maybe the friendliest tuner ever invented.

The Qwik Tune QT-11 would be the new generation of automatic guitar tuners. Featuring one electronic pitch pipe with an internal speaker it plays E, A, D, G, B, and E tones for tuning reference. It includes an Off - Meter tuning mode, which detects the string which somebody is trying to tune (even if the guitar is severely detuned). This portable battery operated Bass or Guitar tuner features an 'electric pitch pipe' that plays the note . The user can tune each individual string while the display tells her/him which string is being tuning and whether this note is sharp or flat. The highly sensitive built-in microphone and sped metering allow easy tuning.

Tuning with a software abounds. For free or not , you may find various guitar tuners in the internet. These softwares eliminate the need to tune a guitar with an instrument or with the conventional tuning by ear. All you have to do is to listen to the sound from the software, play it on guitar and adjust the tuning machines tension until guitar produces an identical note as the guitar tuner software . Keep in mind that the basic requirement in tuning is to achieve the exact same note as the guitar tuner , not the sound because the difference in thickness of strings cause varying frequencies changing the sound...just listen to the pitch.

Listen to the guitar tuner and tune your guitar until you hear a matching sound, though, it might be deeper. This is specially true when you have new strings and tune the guitar immediately after putting them on . Your strings have to adjust to the pressure applied to them so initially your guitar won't make the right tuning, it will sound detuned. But after exposure to a particular limit of stretch they'll hold on to a certain tone. Tip: Tune the guitar and leave it alone for a few hours, then tune again...and that's it. After each playing session the strings tend to mantain the pitch with better accuracy and stability.

One common (and free) guitar tuner available in
the net: the DGT or digital guitar tuner. DGT is a
windows software which allows you to accurately
tune your guitar using direct input or microphone
Another free software is AP Tuner3 that supports
an improved detection algorithm for low notes of
bass and piano. It has a helpful Harmonics Graph
window to see the harmonic content of any note.
Download the PitchPerfect for free , it offers one
accurate professional guitar tuner with incredibly
simple interface . There is more flexibility in the
PitchPerfect software -- because it automatically
detects the note you're playing ... and therefore,
you're not limited by the standard guitar tunings.

Apart from free downloads for a personal computer, you can download guitar
tuners on your pocket PC or ipod too. An example of this, the 4Pockets Guitar
Tuner because it can be downloaded on your pocket PC, you are able to take
the 4Pockets Guitar Tuner with you on your gigs . A high precision real - time
guitar tuner , this cool Guitar Tuner can determine the frequency, the musical
note, and octave for each string . The ability to estimate the note and octave
makes it an exceptionally useful tool in musical notation and musical learning

The iRocker is another set of tools for guitarists to be downloaded on your iPod
iRocker is produced by Talking Panda , the producers of iBar . A great help for
beginners --- the iRocker incorporates not only a virtual book with 200 chords
and fingerings , but likewise a guide to scales. It provides five different chord
progressions/riffs that you can play along. Moreover, it contains a set of guitar
tuning recordings with a variety of tunings and a basic 10 - speed metronome .

Your choice of guitar tuner would depend on your needs, amateur or professional
You might utilize guitar tuners for practicing at home - or gigs with friends or you
might want a guitar tuner for a larger audience - like performing in a big concert
Regardless of your need, convenience and accuracy guitar tuners are of foremost
importance... now you can avail of a wide range of guitar tuners, free or for a fee

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