Guitar Lesson

Do I Need A Guitar Lesson?

Practice is half the equation...the other half is education

Musical education - following a guitar lesson routine - is as important as practicing, one without the other neutralizes them both. Musical education won't make you a great guitarist, it'll only provide a map on how to arrive to that destination...a guitar lesson with a lot and sustained practice on that specific subject would master individual abilities

Musical skills are tools, you should want to obtain as many of these tools as they'll be needed to reach your goals. Real musicians try everything to maximize their techniques and constantly make progress. Anything you do to upgrade your physical and mental skills adds real value to your playing ... think about taking guitar lessons about the themes you like most at first.

Without reading music you will never be able to learn theory, without
understanding theory you will never be able to analyze music. Without
being able to analyze music you will never be able to conceptualize
certain harmonic or melodic techniques and make them finally yours.

Guitar Lesson Benefits

1) If you DO have talent and have something to say as an
artist, you're not going to lose it by taking a guitar lesson
2) If you DON'T have much natural ability for music, a quality guitar lesson can open up a
whole world of understanding for you, they can be the doorway to new sophisticated abilities
3) If teach yourself, a guitar lesson would increase your progress. Your music becomes
easier to improvise over and writing melodies to. The limitation might be just in your mind
4) The more knowledge you get from guitar lessons, the more
fun you'll have and more opportunities come available for you
5) If you understand a guitar lesson about music theory it can be applied to
any other instrument, which makes playing various instruments painless.

Important: If you don't like guitar lessons and still DON'T learn music, you
should have an understanding of music and a way to put it all on the fretboard

Why Some People DON'T Take Guitar Lessons

Ignorance about education and learn anything. They do not
understand that ALL resources, as guitar lessons, should be used

Countless players believe that sight reading and theory are
useless. That could be valid if you're not interested on improving
as a player and you want to play that same stuff every day

NATURAL TALENT is the tendency to accomplish the right thing. Some players possess
natural abilities in one skill or another. But, that is usually limited to one skill

Some of the skills you may learn by taking guitar lessons: a good physical technique, one highly developed ear, the capacity to improvise, creativity, songwriting skills, the facility to play in time, comprehension of reading music and music theory, good memory, the ability to play with others, etc.
NOBODY has natural talent in ALL of these areas

They really like the idea of being "self-taught" musicians. This one is followed by people who have talent ...guitar lessons also work in this scenario.

Sometimes people can't spend
the bucks for a guitar lesson

They are scared of changing and scared of learning new things

Don't Like Guitar Lessons? - Find A Teacher

A serious teacherís main goal is to supply the tools that lead you to reach your own goals

Understand that even if you are not taking "formal" guitar lessons, you still
have one teacher, and that teacher is YOU. Be sure the student is learning, and
if not - and don't like guitar lessons - you have to act doing something about it

Your teacher should teach you about chords and scales, theory, reading and helping you learn some of your favorite tunes and some standards. If you play the role of your own teacher, these jobs are your responsibility. Getting guitar lessons for yourself is fulfilling this teaching function

Teaching and learning are two sides of the same process. You must play both roles in
your own growth as a guitarist...and there's a guitar lesson that could help you with this.

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