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The Art of Practice
Free Guitar Lesson

Let's begin this free guitar lesson understanding
the big difference between playing and practicing

Practice and Play

PLAYING is doing what you always do because it is easier, it
sounds good and you want to be able to impress yourself
PRACTICING is learning new material and
refining other stuff you have already learned
Playing is important but Practicing is something different
What you practice should come out in your playing quickly
If the reason we practice is to get better, then the way we practice
should be designed with this in mind. You MUST have a game plan

Setting Goals
Practice have to be done with specific goals in mind. Be sure
you know which goals you are trying to reach, short and long term

List Your Goals
Set simple goals and focus practicing in that direction
Refine Those Goals
Replace every generalization with a specific
do-able task, something more measurable
Focus On That and Concentrate
Convince yourself that you can achieve it and you are on the
way to reach them. Keep a positive mental attitude.

Set realistic goals. There is no way you can design a single practice
session for all of your needs, it's impossible. Don't hold yourself
up to impossible high goals, it'll frustrate yourself until you set
a list of realistic goals. To find more, go to Learn To Play The Guitar

Now you need a STRATEGY to layout exactly how you're going to do this

How To Practice

Tune Your Guitar
First, you have to make the guitar ready to perform. Never play out of tune.
Use one of the many inexpensive electronic guitar tuners ... just to be sure, please.
Warming Up and Stretching
They are essential to maximize practicing and playing time
Start sessions with a few stretches. This may help to avoid injury
Work On Getting The Passage Into Your Head
Some of the most constructive practice can
be achieved without even touching a guitar
Work With Metronome
If you want to obtain the most out of playing, play it extremely slow using a metronome
and crosspick everything. Be patient with yourself and trust the process. Aim directed movement can only be accomplished by slow practice...the speed comes on its own
Break Everything Into Time Frames
If you're learning a piece and have any trouble with a single part,
pick the problem area and play ONLY that part until you get it done
Practice Time
15 minutes is really a long time to work on a single subject. Take 3 minute breaks, they give your fingers and brain a little rest. Several short sessions each day are much better
Practice Every Day
Just like going to the gym. Take a day off from guitar each week. This will fresh you up

Remember To Breathe
A lot of people hold their breath when playing difficult parts
Measure Progress
Keep a record of your practice sessions. When and how long you practiced; and
what specifically you've practiced. You'll clearly see how much you progress.
Play something that you enjoy. This would keep your interest in
doing the same thing the next day. Find more of the music you like
It is not necessary to be able to play every guitar technique or style
The only time one needs to learn lots of them is when your goals REQUIRE it
Don't Practice Things You Won't Use
We often make the mistake of practicing exercises that have nothing to do with music
We tend to work on difficult things that will never find its way into a song or guitar solo
Discover Discomfort
Many guitarists are masochists. Read this Free Guitar Lesson and change your mind

Good Practice Schedule
(15 minutes each subject)

Don't compare yourself to others. What matters is reaching YOUR goals, not someone else's goals. Compare yourself only in relation to where you are in your strategy

See Free Guitar Lessons

Discipline yourself. Nobody is there to make sure you practice the way
you need to, when you need to and how often...Never Give Up or Say I Can't, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, TAKE A FREE GUITAR LESSON !